Waco Walks 25th Street Nov 18 2023 orig Cropped

Mobilize Waco has come to be recognized as a key stakeholder in City of Waco redevelopment efforts. In September we were invited to join the 25th Street Corridor Plan Steering Committee that will be guiding the redevelopment of the 25th and 26th Street corridor, a vital largely Latino/a commercial district that runs perpendicular to Waco Drive (Route 84), the main drag through town.

The 25th and 26th Street corridor has long been in sore need of infrastructure improvements so it will be safe for pedestrians and bicyclists and navigable for people using wheelchairs. With representation on the steering committee, we can ensure that accessibility is top of mind for developers and city planners.

On November 18, 2025, Waco Walks teamed up with Grassroots Community Development and the City of Waco for a 25th Street Past, Present, and Future walk. Mobilize Waco board members Suzette May, Donna Dill, and Meg Wallace joined the walk, and Donna’s struggles to navigate the corridor in her wheelchair drew attention to the hazards of getting around where infrastructure hasn’t been updated.

The November 18 walk was captured by the Waco Tribune and KXXV, Channel 25.